Gabor Winand, a man of many talents, had envisioned himself an opera musician. However, circumstances (he had no chance to study opera) instead drove him into the Jazz Department of the Hungarian Academy of Music. He found that he had a deep love for jazz and figured it was almost the same as studying opera. While he has education in the clarinet and the saxophone, Win Gabor is, first and foremost, one of the top jazz singers in Europe.

Studying under Attila Garai, Win Gabor soon found himself in Gyula Babos band. Gyula was a respected member of the Hungarian jazz society and, in turn, this led to meeting Gabor Gado in 1990 and setting up a band he named Joy. He had collaborations with the Trio Stendhal led by Lazslo Des, the ESP orchestra with trombonist Lazslo Goz, and with pianist Gyorgy Vukan. His continuing effort to become better has also led to him learning the saxophone and the flute.

2001 was a busy year for Gabor. He had played with Charlie Mariano, became a member of the Elemer Balazs group, and had played the London Jazz Festival, the Skopje Jazz Festival, and was invited to a number of European cities like Berlin and The Hague.

Win Gabor was also instrumental in creating the Bosambo Trio of singer Elsa Valle, the Winand Quartet, and collaboration with Gabor Gado.