Safety is Top Priority: Six Tips to know before Kayaking

Safety is Top Priority: Six Tips to know before Kayaking

There are many sports that people can choose from. People who love the outdoors choose mountain hiking or running. Then there are the ‘water babies’ who choose surfing, boating, or another increasingly popular sport, kayaking.

There are different types of kayaking, but the same preparation for them:

• Know the Gear, Choose the Gear. Kayaking might look simple since it’s basically you paddling across the water. But lessons are great for teaching you how to get from point A to point B without aimlessly paddling across the water. It’s also a great way to get acquainted with the kayak itself and how to choose the right boat for you.

• Clothes make the Man. Or woman, for that matter. Water has a slightly different temperament than dry land. You’re going to have to learn to dress for it. You have to anticipate that you’ll get wet and go into the water during the duration of your kayaking, so quick-dry clothing and water shoes are a good start.

• Gears make a Difference. By gears, we mean safety gear. In any sport, it’s important to invest on gears that keep you away from harm or hazardous situations. In kayaking, you should invest on renting or getting buoyancy aids that look like life jackets but offer more freedom of movement. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a long-time kayaker, safety should always be your priority.

• Follow the Proper Way. In kayaking, there is no room for daredevils, and even daredevils have a mind to follow the rules. Holding your paddle the right way and sitting in your kayak properly can make a difference. Following that or not can make or break your kayak holiday.

• Know who your priority is, not what. Always remember that the main concern during kayaking is your colleagues and not the boats. A life cannot be replaced the same way a lost paddle or a sunken kayak can.

• Keep safe, knowledge is power. There will almost always be people who will regulate and keep on the lookout for you and your friends while you go on your kayak trip. But it also pays to take lessons on how to keep safe on the water. Basic to intermediate techniques can be learned through these lessons.

In kayaking, you should pay respect to where it is done—on the water—and you should always be alert.

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