Kayaking 101: The Best Places for Kayaking

Kayaking 101: The Best Places for Kayaking

You can do your kayaking either on fresh water or salt water. Nevertheless, some places are still among the best kayaking sites you can go to. Do you know which sites these are?

The Best of the Best

Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota

This place, found in the Wilderness Superior National Forest in Northern Minnesota, has more than 1200 miles of canoe routes. It might also be important to note that there are 2000 campsites, perfect for creating experiences.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

From Minnesota, we move to another part of the globe. Milford Sound in New Zealand has writer Rudyard Kipling vouching for it, calling it the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. It has one of the most beautiful fjords in the world—the picturesque scenery is just a perfect topping to the cake.

Prince William Sound, Alaska

Prince William Sound in the Chugach National Forest in Alaska is another one for the books. You’ll have to pack extra gear, though—aside from water, you’ll also be surrounded by glaciers and come face to face with orcas. Quite an experience.

Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

It’s a big, risky preposition to kayak in a place that can only be accessed in three ways; by hiking, helicopter, or boat. Kayaking is another way of discovering this place, where scenic green cliffs and waterfalls add to the beauty, not to mention the odd dolphin or shark that call these waters home.

Baja Peninsula, Mexico

As a beginner, the Baja Peninsula in Mexico—just off the southern tip of California—is a great place to kayak. The warm waters of the Sea of Cortez have been voted annually. Aside from that, snorkeling is also an option in these waters, with whale sharks the main point of interest in these waters.

Choosing is Half the Battle

Each site holds a different experience. Will you want to kayak with marine animals, feel the cold, or take in the greenery? Whichever place you choose, the most important thing is to approach with respect and a healthy consideration for safety.

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